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Embrace Industrial 5.0 to seamlessly integrate IoT, IIoT, AI, and Machine Learning, harmonizing human creativity with advanced technology for unparalleled efficiency. We meet your needs with specialized knowledge and extensive experience, offering A-to-Z plant maintenance and automation solutions to simplify everyday business tasks.

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Industrial 5.0

Embrace Industrial 5.0 in your company to seamlessly integrate IoT, IIoT, AI, and Machine Learning, creating a harmonious synergy between human creativity and advanced technology for unparalleled efficiency and innovation. We ensure your needs are met by applying our in-depth, specialized knowledge and drawing on lessons learned over many years. Our A-to-Z plant maintenance and automation solutions ease everyday tasks for the business community, adding significant value through our comprehensive expertise.

Plant Maintenance

PM & Predictive Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance,
Mechanical Maintenance, Utilities, HVAC Maintenance.

Manpower Supply

Recruitment & Supply, On-call services,
Training to enhance Skills, Flexibility & sustenance.


Low-cost Automations, Poka-Yoke,
Cost Savings Projects, Energy-Saving Projects.

Project Management

Installation & Commissioning, M/C Shifting,
Retrofitting & modifications.

Basic Info about us

Values, Mission & Vision


We are committed to upholding a high standard of integrity and conduct. We share a set of core values including Probity, Passion, and  Professionalism which strengthen all facets of our work. These core values define the way we conduct ourselves as an individual and as an organization.


To deliver value to our stakeholders through the highest standard of accountability and to give our customers peace of mind, which is delivered through in-depth knowledge of customer applications & need.



To be a leader in integrated  Plant Maintenance services through professionalism and innovation & technology adoption.



Values & Key To Success

Our Values & Key Of Success

Core Values


We strive on challenges & perform our activities with a high sense of urgency.


We accept responsibility for our actions and follow through on promises & commitments.


What we do & deliver high-quality service to our customers & partners.


Build a personal relationship with customers that to understand, meet & exceed our customer expectations.

Key To Success

We value and engage our customers,
Maintaining an honest, ethical and professional manner,
Being courteous, helpful, and treating customers with respect.

Our Commitment

At all times staying true to our promises and to delivering the best & reliable services to upkeep & maintain machines & equipment’s Healthy.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


We Deliver Trust

Case Studies

Case Study # 1

Shock Absorber Manufacturer

Preventive, Predictive, and Breakdown Maintenance

Case Study # 2

Green Field Project at Pirangut Pune

Installation of Chemical Plant

Some of Our Valuable Customers